Rockwool Insulation Material

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Fiberglass Insulation Material

₹ 1000/Square Meter Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
MaterialFibre Glass
Density48 kg/m3
Reshrinking Temperature400 Degree C
Packaging TypeRoll
Max Temperature Resistance200 degree Celsius
Country of OriginMade in India

Fiberglass insulation is a widely used thermal insulation material in the construction industry and other applications. It is valued for its excellent insulating properties, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

Stone Wool

₹ 130/Square Meter Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
TypeRockwool Slabs
Packaging TypeBundle
Max Withstanding Temperature750 degree C
Usage/ApplicationRoofing & Walls
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 50 Square Meter

We are dealing in Insulated Rock Wool Panel of various thickness according to client requirements.

Insulated rock wool, also known as mineral wool insulation or stone wool insulation, is a type of insulation material made from natural or synthetic minerals, primarily basalt or slag, which is a byproduct of industrial processes. It is commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings for thermal and acoustic insulation.

The manufacturing process of insulated rock wool involves melting the minerals at a high temperature and then spinning them into fibers. The fibers are then collected, compressed, and formed into various insulation products such as batts, boards, or loose-fill.

Here are some key characteristics and features of insulated rock wool:

  1. Thermal insulation: Insulated rock wool has excellent thermal insulation properties, helping to reduce heat transfer through walls, roofs, and other building elements. It provides a high level of resistance to heat flow, which helps to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and improve energy efficiency.

  2. Acoustic insulation: Due to its fibrous structure and density, insulated rock wool also offers effective sound absorption and noise reduction properties. It can help reduce airborne sound transmission, making it suitable for applications where soundproofing is desired, such as walls, floors, and ceilings.

  3. Fire resistance: Insulated rock wool is non-combustible and has excellent fire-resistant properties. It can withstand high temperatures without melting or releasing toxic fumes, making it a safe choice for improving fire safety in buildings.

  4. Moisture resistance: Rock wool insulation is naturally moisture-resistant, as it repels water and does not absorb moisture easily. This characteristic helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew and maintains the insulation's thermal performance over time.

  5. Durability: Insulated rock wool is a durable and long-lasting insulation material. It does not degrade or settle over time, maintaining its thermal and acoustic properties for the life of the building. It is resistant to pests, rodents, and most chemicals.

  6. Eco-friendly: Rock wool insulation is considered environmentally friendly. It is made from abundant and sustainable resources and can be recycled at the end of its life. It is also energy-efficient, contributing to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Insulated rock wool is available in various forms, including batts, rolls, rigid boards, and loose-fill. It can be installed in walls, roofs, floors, attics, and other areas that require insulation. Proper installation techniques should be followed to ensure maximum performance and effectiveness.

It's worth noting that rock wool insulation can be irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system, so appropriate safety precautions, such as wearing protective clothing and masks, should be taken during installation.


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